It's a cruel cruel summer!

by California Outdoor Pro on August 04, 2021
I wasn't going to write up this report, because I'm starting to sound like a broken record! I went to Irvine lake again this week and caught more Trophy Catfish blah blah blah! It is a cruel cruel summer to me, because it's so darn Hot! I can't sit comfortable in a tin boat for 8 hours in 95 degree heat! (Damn Global Warming) So all my big lakes that I like to go too are off limits! The only possible break I had in the weather was the week before, when we had that freak thunder storm come in from Arizona! (you know the one where we got a little rain) Of course I was all ready to go and all my fishing buddy's had to re primer the jeep that day! So besides Irvine and the park lakes and the ocean, that's all I'm going to have to write about till December the way things are going.

What makes this report fun to write about is because I am now the Road Runner at the lake and the Coyotes are after me! Lol What I mean by that is, "in 1 of my spots their is competition for it with other Catfish fishermen!" So true to form, they spend all week with their Acme catalog trying to find way's to beat me to the spot! Lol I could just let them have the spot because I've got some other real good spots too. (but what fun is that!) Lol Remember, I've got the secret bait and they got, "well their bait." So if you're a Catfish and you've got a choice of Fillet Mignon or Hot dogs? Which one would you choose? Lol So on Friday it was a race to the spot. (that's common every week at Irvine for the most popular spots) People are always looking for an edge to get the spot of their choice at that lake! They will try to get a ride from the lake, use bicycles, running or who can just walk the fastest or finding short cut's! (it's pretty cut rate there) Well we lost to the bicycles, so we got the 2nd rated spot in the area.

We also have our own tactics that are different then what most people use. Most people try to hit the Catfish on the head with their baits! We use either a Short soak or a Long soak and let our baits do the work for us. Sure enough we were able to capture 2 more Trophy Catfish on Friday. Another one of my rules I'm using, is not to fish the same spot twice in the same week. So you see, I have to have many spots to try! So far in the last 6 weeks, we've caught 10 Trophy Catfish in 6 different spots at Irvine Lake. (not counting the stocker size Catfish and Bass)

True to form I went Sunday and fished an entirely different area. (I don't want to burn the Catfish out on the secret bait) I didn't bring that much bait with me on Sunday because I'm just trying to grind out a fish or two out of every trip! Well I ran out of bait by noon and I had 6 bites and landed 4 fish! 2 Trophy Catfish, 1 stocker Catfish and 1 LMB. The Bass fishing there is still pretty decent, I saw the Carp fishermen catch LMB on their Carp baits. I guess the Bass in there are kinda starving! It looks like I'll be making a career out of this place for awhile. Their is another whole other part of the lake I haven't even touched yet! Since I have the secret bait and those fish that live in that area, haven't even seen it yet. Who knows what I may catch???? Lol
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