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Share the joy of fishing with your kids

Kevin Van Dam became bass fishing’s first $2 million man...
on March 21, 2024

Saltwater fishing could be easy after you know these tips

1. Know what the tide is doing The tide is...
on March 13, 2024

Some tips you may not know about bass fishing

1. Save shredded worms When your plastic worms get torn...
on February 03, 2024

Secret fishing tips from experts who never tell

1. Glue your bait When I’m flipping in real heavy...
on January 02, 2024

Conversions from PE to lb to kg

When you see fishing rod spec shows PE number instead...
on January 31, 2022

How to Tie the Strongest Fishing Knot

The fishing line has advanced remarkably in the past few...
on May 16, 2021


Welcome to post and share you thought, especially your secret fishing spot :P



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