Q&A: Bait shop near me & How you can get right bait online

by California Outdoor Pro on May 04, 2021

Do you have a target fish?

Or you just want to catch fish no matter what kind?


The most common bait for freshwater is Nightcrawler. and for saltwater is Shrimp.

If you don't know what you target fish is, just bring some of those as bait, you will have a high chance to get lucky and catch something.

Generally the game fish for freshwater is bass, and that fish is very aggressive.

That's why we don't use cut-bait to fish bass, we use lures.

A lot of anglers believe the best lure for bass is rat.

You can find the jointed mouse here

When troll this lure, it swings quite wide, and may catch more attention from widely angle.

Here is the soft rats, bass loves them. They bite the soft lures and never let it go.


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